Georgia Parental Information and Resource Center


The Communities In Schools  Parental Information and Resource Center, is a key component of the Communities In Schools toolkit of resources. The Center was established with federal funding to support parents and other family members as active participants in their children’s education through numerous programs. Partnerships have been developed with schools, social service agencies and others to enhance services.

PARENTS: Our site provides information and resources that you will find useful in your role as the primary educator of your children. Valuable information is included here about the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act and what it specifically means to your child or children, the schools they are attending, and the local school district.  You will find tips that will prove useful when talking with teachers or school officials.  If you have younger children, great advice is provided on book selection and effective ways to read with them. If you want to get more involved at your child’s school, you will find interesting ways to do this that fit your schedule and interests.

EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS: Across the country, school staff continually point to family-community-school partnering as an area in most need of improvement. Our site offers research-based, practical ways to strengthen this partnership. Tools are provided that you will find useful for getting the school year off to a great start or for helping students make the critical transitions to first grade, to middle school, or to high school.