Important Changes Affecting Georgia Students

Beginning the 2012-13 school year, Georgia schools will operate under a new curriculum called the Common Core, which is intended to bring academic standards in line with the rest of the nation and better prepare Georgia’s students for college. Some of the changes in store for this year are:

  • Third-graders will learn how to multiply large numbers. They also will learn the function of adverbs, a subject previously taught in fourth and fifth grades.
  • Fourth-graders will learn how to add and subtract fractions, which was not taught until fifth grade under the former curriculum.
  • Eighth-graders will be taught the Pythagorean Theorem (basic algebra equations involving right triangles), rather than learning the concept in ninth grade.
  • Under Georgia Performance Standards, students were taught pronoun-antecedent agreement (basic grammar, ensuring pronoun agrees with noun) in seventh grade. Common Core will teach that grammar rule in third grade.

Standardized testing is expected to change in 2014-2015 and measure how well students are learning the Common Core Performance Standards. Currently, students in Georgia take the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT).

Click here for more details on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards

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